The powerful cleaning master

Meet A4s
Deep clean on carpet and any floor

  • 7 Nastiest Things Hidden in Your Carpet

    Carpet is the biggest air filter in your home, and can trap/remove dust, dirt and other
    nasties from the air.

    Dust mites

    Pet hair & urine

    Pollen grains

    Dead skin cells

    (incl.salmonella,shigella & Listeri)


    (Volatile organic compounds)

  • According to the World Health Organization house dust is the
    number one cause of allergic reactions in the home.



    Dust and mold

    Odors and

    harmful ultra fine

    When we inhale these microscopic
    particles, they can cause allergic

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3-stage cleaning system

The side brushes sweep dirts into the path,
the main brush rolls dirts up,and the
powerful suction sucks the dirts into the dust
bin. The system ensures A4s to clean
thoroughly on carpet and any floor.

Dirt and dust are effectively vacuumed

50% more powerful suction comparing to its predecessor, provides excellent cleaning result. Together with sweeping and rolling, dirt and dust which hidden in carpet are picked up easily.

Double V-shaped
Bristle brush

Compared to common brush, the cleaning
effect of double v-shaped bristle brush in-
creases by 50%. V-shape is designed for
reducing tangles and bristle brush easily
picks up the stuff which hidden in the car-
pet--like dirt, cereal, dust mites and crumbs.

Easy to Use

Just press CLEAN button or schedule for 7 days cleaning per week, it will clean up your floor
no matter you are there or not.

Larger cleaning area

The high-capacity li-ion battery provides 140 mins of cleaning time and covers a cleaning area up to
2100 sq. ft. So your big house can be cleaned up.

Advanced mini-room cleaning mode

With advanced mini-room cleaning mode, A4s could clean the room more deeply and
precisely in a short time when the separate room wants to be cleaned.

Multiple cleaning modes for customization

Multiple cleaning modes allow A4s cleans your unique home with your cleaning preferences.

Automatic docks and charges

A4s can automatically go back to its dock to charge when battery runs low.

Full Set of Advanced Sensors

With the full set of advanced sensors, A4s intelligently gets out of stucking and avoids obstacles and falls.